Why Us?

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Why Us?

07/07/2018 Property Rental 0

You may be wondering what makes us different from all the other companies offering the same service. Luckily for you we have put together a summary of why landlords continually choose us time and time again.

Unfortunately we have come across many landlords who have come from estate agents or other guaranteed rent providers that put erranous charges “Due to issues at the property” and cut fees from the rental amount given to the landlord. We promise never to do this, our company philosophy revolves around keeping our clients happy. The rent agreed is exactly what you will receive month after month!

We also assure all our landlords that we will return the property in at least as good of a state as which it was given to us, many times we have ended up giving properties back to landlords in better condition than when it was given to us! This is due to our desire to keep our clients happy at all costs. We do not like to cut costs when it comes to our clients!

Assured Rent UK is also fortunate enough to have teams located all over the UK, meaning we are able to serve you wherever you are located. It also means that tenant queries are always resolved quickly.

Due to our vast experience we are able to deal with almost any issue that occurs at any property and are able to resolve these fast. With Assured Rent UK you can rest easy knowing you won’t get any calls from us at 1am! This is an area that our clients absolutely love us for as we take away all of the hassle of property ownership.